Why it’s time to stop asking for job references

A grey-haired man in a suit talks on telephone.

In early 2003, I flew from Ohio to Oakland for a job interview with a prominent health care workers’ labor union. I’d already interviewed twice by phone and was excited to seal the deal during the in-person final interview.

I arrived on time, caught a cab to a nearby hotel…

How to use organizing tactics to talk to co-workers about pushing for change in technology companies.

Two women have a workplace conversation.

A substantial amount of virtual ink has been spilled over the problems facing and caused by large technology companies. Hands have been wrung. Brows have been furrowed. Members of Congress have done whatever this is.

I’m not interested in litigating these issues in this space (at least, not today), but…

Andrew Reid

Good cook | Experienced organizer | Decent programmer | Slow marathoner | Terrible woodworker

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