Thanks, Ivan. I appreciate it! Back when people did things like sit at counters, I could certainly hold my own.

So I’ll start by saying that I probably spend more time cooking than the average person. I’ve always been willing to invest a bit of time in order to have good food. It wasn’t uncommon for us to spend hours braising a pork shoulder.

That said, on average I don’t think I’m spending any more time than I used to. There are plenty of fast, easy options for weeknights. The socca I mention in the piece is one. Jackfruit tacos (particularly if you buy prepared jackfruit) can be whipped up in a hurry. We’ve lately been making some quick chilaquiles out of corn chips & store-bought salsa, served with some beans, cabbage, avocado, and peppers from our garden.

We also tend to make big dishes that generate leftovers for several days. For example, some variation of this stew with some sweet potatoes or chili in the crockpot or a big pot of rice, beans, and vegetables. This week, we’ve had several meals of chickpea pasta with homemade tomato sauce & veggies from our garden.

I certainly invested some time in finding recipes when we first made the switch. But now that we’re in a rhythm I think I’m spending about as much time cooking as previously, if not a bit less.

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