The real reason to convert to a plant-based diet

What 7 consecutive months of cooking and eating vegan taught an omnivorous foodie

Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

The change

Since January 1 of this year, I’ve adhered to a strict plant-based diet. I traded Eggs Benedict for tofu scrambles, Eastern Carolina-style barbecue for carrot-based “pulled pork”, and veal parm for zucchini with tomato sauce and hemp seed parmesan.

The discovery

While cooking omnivorously, one can mask a number of flaws in a dish with melted cheese. Someone with no seasoning knowledge can grill a delicious steak because beef just naturally tastes good. Cooking plant-based presents a new challenge that has inspired me.

The future

Will I continue adhering to a strict plant-based diet indefinitely? I don’t know. When international travel becomes a thing again, I can’t imagine visiting France without cheese or Italy without cannoli. I’m sure I’ll strongly consider an exception for Thanksgiving turkey with Grandmom’s sausage-potato stuffing.

Good cook | Experienced organizer | Decent programmer | Slow marathoner | Terrible woodworker

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